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i5 4670K overheating pc building site custom pc builder

TL;DR: CPU overheated a few days ago - now even with a new CPU cooler it overheats under load. Is it fried?

My i5 4670k has been running happily at 4.3GHz for the past 3 years - a few days ago performance my PC started chugging along at 0.2GHz with CPU temps of 100 degrees. This turned out to be the result of pump failure on my Corsair H100i (which had been making noticeably loud pump noise for the past year).

I figured no problem, replace the H100i with a new cooler and the problem will be solved. Today I throw in a cheap Coolermaster Seidon 240V and my PC boots up and idles in the low 30s. Stress testing with Prime95 however will still rapidly push temps up to 100 degrees across the board. Is my CPU fried?


i5 4670k @4.3GHz (1.3v)

Corsair Obsidian 250D



R9 290X

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