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i7-7700k or i7-7740x? pc building site custom pc builder

So I'm currently planning on upgrading my PC, and I was hoping I could get some insights and some arguments for both the i7-7700k and the i7-7740x.

I'm currently running a i7-4790 on an MSI Z87 Motherboard with 16 GB DDR3 RAM (those are the three parts I plan on upgrading), a Zotac GTX 1080 AMP and a 700 (I think?) Watts power supply.

My biggest regret in my current build is the processor, I went with a non-unlocked CPU for pretty much no reason (this was my first build). I plan on putting a custom PETG waterloop into the system at some point this year (doing tutoring next semester, waiting till some of that money comes in), and since my current setup is just a huge mess of different colors (the GPU is yellow for some fucking reason, red motherboard, green PCI-e to M.2 adapter) I decided it's time to switch out the motherboard, get a cooling block for my GPU and also finally get an unlocked CPU.

Now I want my build to be future proof, I bought the z87 motherboard while the z97 was already out, which I had regrets about 2 years later, when my SSD died and I went for a Samsung 960 EVO and I had to get a M.2 adapter.

Kabylake x uses a completely different socket than Kabylake, and I was wondering which socket Intel plans on using in the next couple enthusiast grade CPUs. I don't wanna get a x299 motherboard and pay the 150€ extra for something which won't allow me to upgrade my CPU down the lane.

Any advice and opinions are greatly appreciated.

This is kinda unrelated, but if anyone knows of a motherboard-ram combo that goes well with a light blue cooling fluid, I'd be greatfull if you'd share it with me. I personally was thinking about either the Asrock EX-Z270 and 16 GB of Trident Z ram if I decide to go with the 7700k, or the Asus Prime X299-A and white Corsair Vengeance ram if I go with the 7740x.

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