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I'm so confused pc building site custom pc builder

I really want to get into PC gaming and I always see PC gamers recommeding building one instead of buying a pre-built one, but I'm having some major problems understaing the differences between parts. I have no understanding of what makes one CPU or GPU different from one another, but from what I can gather there is some sort of hierarchy. I don't have a ton of money but I can see the apeal of paying more money upfront for a PC rather than paying high prices for console games and yearly subscriptions. I really would like to build a more mid-level PC something that runs indie games well and can run AAA games on low to medium settings. Of anyone could explain things in an more simple way or direct me to any sort of guide I would be extremely grateful.

And I apologize if this post is too long or not very well organized, this is my first time posting anything on reddit and I am always open to constructive criticism. Thank you.

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