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I'm trying to use an old Phenom pc building site custom pc builder

I had this old processor laying around, it's a Phenom 550 black. I had this Mobo:ASUS M5A78L-M Plus/USB3 DDR3 HDMI DVI USB 3.0 760G MicroATX Motherboard, a stick of ballistics 1600 ram (I know it wont run at 1600 on this mobo). I put this together with a corsair ps I had and a relatively nice case. I installed windows 10 and without messing with it it seems to be running "ok". I have a question on the ram and bios however, it says it is running in "ungaged" mode. What does that mean? From what I can find these old processors could run this mode and use a stick of ram per core or something. If this is a problem can I alter how it runs or does it need multiple sticks of ram or should I scrap this whole idea? If it's ok will this pc perform well enough as an internet /Netflix player?

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