lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

Im upgrading my build, I've come up with this so far, and I need a CPU/MOBO that's very budget friendly pc building site custom pc builder

So my original build was based on a AMD CPU and mobo, and it's given me a good 4 years but it's now broken. I'm not sure which part is the main issue but I figured this was a sign that it's time to upgrade

I've come up with this so far:

I'm sort of nearing my max budget already so if possible, id like some help on choosing a CPU/MOBO.

I definitely want an intel i5, and don't have a preference on the MOBO.

Max budget in total: $300

If you think I should replace certain things in the cart (such as the fan or SSD) to make room $$ wise and think it's worth getting a better CPU/MOBO than a fan or SSD please feel free to do that!

Thanks in advance!

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