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Input Capacitor Blew Up... Why? pc building site custom pc builder

Basically the only part of my build worth noting is the Thermaltake 500W TT-500NL1NH-1 Power Supply.

So basically, I was re-purposing old hardware I had lying around to make a Linux build for GPU mining, and had everything plugged in and such. I turned on the power supply and was met with a loud bang, a bright flash and some smoke (mostly due to dust I presume).

I checked the dreaded "red switch" on the back of the PSU and it was on the 115V setting. What doesn't make sense to me, however, is that I am in Australia, so even to 230V setting shouldn't have done any harm. I then proceeded to take apart the PSU (I doubt explosions are covered by warranty, nor do I believe that the warranty is still valid after 4+ years) and found out that one of the small ceramic capacitors had blown up, on the primary side (doubt any charge got to the secondary side so the rest of the build should be fine).

Thus my question is, why did the PSU kill itself? Was the capacitor just suicidal and felt like it was time to go or...?

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