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Is Seasonic a reputable/good brand for a PSU? pc building site custom pc builder

I just got into building PCs, and finished my first about a month ago. The PSU I'm using is a VS550 by Corsair, but it's non-modular, has ugly cables and I've heard that the VS series by Corsair isn't really a good option.

Especially that last one made me kind of nervous because apparently a surge in your PSU can fry your motherboard if not more.

I found a Seasonic M12II Evo 520W for €65, and it's fully modular with black cables. I don't know Seasonic as a brand though, and I'd like to make sure the one I get is going to last a while and be safe to use.

I also found a Seasonic Focus Plus 550W Gold, which is gold certified instead of bronze, but is €15 more, is that worth it or would the Evo be enough?

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