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Ive got 300-350 to spend. Im looking to upgrade my MoBo and my CPU with the best price / performance ratio that I can afford. Help? pc building site custom pc builder

Here is my current build:

GPU: RX470
CPU: AMD 6300fx Vishera
MoBo: MSI 970A-G43

Ive got a 750w PSU

Im looking to try and upgrade with as much of a performance increase as possible while not having hardware compatibility issues (obviously I want everything to work properly -_-) and to stay within my budget of 300-350. I can maybe push to 400 total, but I would really rather not if possible.

I mainly use my computer for gaming (Starcraft 2, HotS, Diablo, Overwatch, a few fighting games, and im going to be getting around to playing my single player library as well which I havent touched in a long long time). I would like to possibly start streaming, but its not really a priority and if its going to require me paying more than my budget than Ill just forgo streaming.

I dont know if the specifics of my RAM or HDD will cause any sort of incompatibilities. If so I can list brand / model, but I have a feeling they arent really relevant regarding hardware compatibility issues.

If it matters, Ive got 8gb of DDR3 RAM. I built my current PC in 2013 and have only upgraded my GPU since then.

Will I get better performance gains out of upgrading my CPU / MoBo, or will is upgrading my RAM a bigger priority?

Thanks to anyone willing to help!

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