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Looking at building my first Gaming PC pc building site custom pc builder

I have a fairly low budget of around £750 and I was wondering wether I would be better off with a GTX1050Ti 4Gb for 1060 3Gb? I would like to play games like Runescape at ultra settings, and also dark souls 3 but I don't expect max graphics on that with these graphics cards. I also wouldn't mind trying out H1Z1 and PUBG if those games are within these GPUs capabilities? Also, what CPU should I look at getting?

Thanks fornyour advice !

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from /r/buildapc - Planning on building a computer but need some advice? This is the place to ask! https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/6o8ede/looking_at_building_my_first_gaming_pc/
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