lunes, 24 de julio de 2017

Looking for cheap gaming mouse suggestion pc building site custom pc builder

Hi, looking for cheap gaming mouse at around 30euro (+/- 5eur let's say). After doing some of my own research, I've come to these options:

Dream Machines has small problem - there are reports of the mouse being defected out of the box quite often - mainly button problems). Minos X3 is super cheap (~25eur here).

So is there anything better at this price or should I pick one of these?

Don't suggest Death Adder 2013, it's the mouse I'm replacing due to switches dying (doubleclick issue that bothers me for quite a time, been fixing them few time and have enough finally after not full 2 years of using it) and it turned out to be a bit too bulky for me.

PS: prefer soft claw grip (and DA '13 was too bulky for it).

Edit: forgot to mention, 2 side buttons is a must

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