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Losing almost 1 gig of space a day pc building site custom pc builder

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Everyday i wake up and lose close to 1 gig of space on my SSD. I don't know what's causing it. I have few games installed on the SSD through steam, and the only game i keep up with in terms of updates is Overwatch and Street Fighter 5

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I've tried minimizing the amount of data space available for system restore to only 5%, used CCleaner, moved most programs to my HDD. I used winDir to see where most of the data is going, but other than telling me that overwatch is the folder with the biggest space taken, i don't see where the expanding space is happening. I don't download music/videos/movies. I only browse the internet, stream watch, netflix, and occasionally play games.

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I have other uses on my pc, but to my knowledge they only use it once in a blue moon to fill out applications and scan some documents (which are automatically sent to my HDD)

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