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Machine Won’t Boot. Power and Reset LED’s on the board are on. But nothing starts. pc building site custom pc builder


I turned off my machine earlier this afternoon without any worry. When I returned to it to turn it on it has been unresponsive.

The power and reset led's are on, but nothing happens when I press the power button on the case or on the motherboard. I have tried looking around for solutions but most are saying faulty boards for something like this. But I am not sure what it may be.

What changes this is that I had a WD My Passport Pro Wireless drive plugged into my system and by what it looks like it was charging when the machine was off. Is it possible my capacitors or something just need to be recharged or is something out of whack?

I've since then unplugged the drive my my system. Still no response. Any tips or ideas would be great. As of right now I am 12 minutes into waiting for 30 to see if that solves the issue.

*edit: after waiting 30 minutes, it still will not boot.

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