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Major upgrade! (For me at least) A few small details that I would appreciate help with. pc building site custom pc builder

I've been doing budget gaming for a while now and its time I retired my current setup. Onto the next budget build! I picked up my new parts at the good old microcenter and need help with a couple small details.

First and foremost; I will be swapping my HDD over and am 99% sure there is going to be a major issue. When I built this computer it was configured in IDE during the OS installation and is going to be in a full UEFI system like everything modern is now, can I get away with a setting tweak/factory reset, or am I going to have to do a full format and reinstall. It is windows 10 from the free upgrade on 8.1.

Second, I know the native speed of the processor says I should get 1866 for the RAM and this processor can be super picky on the RAM you use. Was thinking of getting G.Skill Ripjaws CL 9 or 10, or Kingston Hyper Fury-X at CL 10. (Both at 1866) If you use something else that works great let me know too!

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