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Messed up my FE 780 ti (overheating).. Looking for any help! pc building site custom pc builder

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My Zotac GTX 780 Ti Founders Edition

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Since I've bought this GTX 780 ti (used), it has been giving me issues. The original owner had a waterblock on it, therefore some screws are missing from the card when the reference cooler is put on. When I originally bought the card, the card would run really hot, and would constantly require undervolting just to run at under 85 degrees celcius.

Today I decided to try and clean the card, including rethermals to the GPU die in order to get better temps and less noise from the card. Unfortunately, when I Was done with the card, I realized that the issue wasn't in the dust inside the card, but instead the issue was that the 4 screws on the backplate were not there, and instead 2 screws were forcefully jammed in the slots to attempt to keep the heatsink tightly pressed against the die.

Now, this forcing of the two screws may have done the job keeping the card from crashing at least, but after I redid the thermals on the die, I wasn't able to force the screws back in, and the result is that now my card shuts down from overheating every time I try and open a game.

Here's what I've already done to try and solve the issue: -I've contacted zotac, asking them for replacement screws, but since it is a rather old card and zotac is notorious for providing bad support, I doubt they will send me a replacement set of screws.

-I've searched online for replacement screws: I couldn't find any replacement screws online for the 780ti. If anyone can send me a link to where I can get replacement screws, it would be greatly appreciated!

Either way, at this point, I really don't know what I should do. Should I try to get new screws and attempt to fix the card, or should I just trash to card and get a new one?

Either way, any help is appreciated!

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