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Microsoft's NVME driver (stornvme.sys) sucks, and no vendor driver is available for MyDigitalSSD BPX (Phison E7). What now? pc building site custom pc builder

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a MyDigitalSSD BPX (480GB) PCIE NVME SSD based on all of the positive reviews. Unfortunately, the overall performance has been quite poor, and in particular the 4K write performance has been abysmal.

After some research, it appears that this is a common issue with Microsoft's NVME driver (which is installed by default with Windows 10), and the recommended solution is to install a vendor specific driver. Unfortunately, there is no third-party driver for NVME devices with the Phison E7 controller, and MyDigitalSSD is no exception.

Disabling write cache buffer flushing has improved this somewhat, but it's still below performance expectations.

So, since Microsoft has no interest in improving their NVME driver (the issues have seemingly been ongoing for quite a while), and Phison (or their partners) aren't releasing a vendor specific driver, is my only option to return the MyDigitalSSD BPX and opt for an alternate product with better support (i.e. Intel or Samsung)?

I can't understand how reviewers didn't encounter this issue, and I can only guess that perhaps the older firmware (E7FM02.1) doesn't have the same issues as the current firmware (E7FM04.3).

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