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Min psu for gtx 660 sli? pc building site custom pc builder

Hey guys, sorry if this is not the correct subreddit to post this in, I checked the info before posting and it seemed like it was

My current build follows: i3 3220 8gigs of ram (going to edit in speed next day) Zotac gtx 660 Lepa 500n

I recently got parts from a family friend and from what I have decided I'm going todo the following:

i7 980 (whoa, that's a weird jump right?) 24gb of ram (another weird jump!) for sure I think these rams are slower in terms of speed, will post that soon Evga gtx 660 and Zotac gtx 660 in sli Antec 650w (this part is used/I don't know the model number atm.)

Ill post what model number that psu is but whenever I research gtx 660's in sli I get many results, people saying 700w is fine, some saying 650w is fine? Can't find anything officially too. Should I just stick to a single gtx 660?

If it helps, I also received a evga gtx 570 but I feel like the 660 will outperform it!

Thanks guys :)

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