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Mini itx ryzen / intel for work (no GPU) pc building site custom pc builder


My mother is an accountant, she needs a new PC for work. She's using two monitors, very large excel sheets and a lot of programs at once. I think she doesn't need a GPU. And it seems logical to build a mini system to safe space on the desk, with good components to last. I'm from Lithuania so we have limited hardware selection and high prices, I mostly be using this website ( or to build this PC.

I wanted to go build a system based on Ryzen 1500x, 16 GB of 3200 mhz ram and bronze++ PSU, SSD, but Ryzen doesn't have an integrated GPU and with the current high GPU prices it seems like a waste.. The build could cost up to 700€.. cheaper better, but it needs to work flawlessly for 16 hours a day. I not very familiar with what specs for which workload is better, so my idea of the build may be completely wrong..

Could any one make a build on one of those websites?

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