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Missing MSI 1070! pc building site custom pc builder

I ordered a MSI GTX 1070 Quicksilver Edition from Amazon. I have been using a friends old card for some time now. I purchased the card a week and a half ago with two day shipping. It was on back-order from MSI. I opened the card when I got home last night. The box seemed light, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. The Amazon tape seemed to be totally fine. When I opened the box, the MSI box had the retail plastic around the box. All the circle style tape that covers the tabs, etc to open the box, all seemed fine. All the packaging materials were in the box, but a blank cutout of where the card should be! I couldn't believe it. I called Amazon and I was trying to just reorder the card but it was purchased while talking to the customer service lady. I called MSI to no avail. "Customer service available at this time". I called Amazon back and went through with the refund. I'm just shocked.

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