domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

Monitor artficats after playing Witcher 3 pc building site custom pc builder

I just played Witcher 3 for some hours and while battling a fiend my game freaked out and a lot of artifacts were appearing centered around Geralts head, when I closed the game both of my monitors were affected. I already installed the newest driver and removed my GTX 1070 and put it back in.

Tested Witcher 3 again and Darksiders both still having the issue, while its extremly crazy in Witcher.

This is how it looks on my monitors.

Does anyone know a fix ? I can't imagine my GPU being flawed, didnt overheat and only got it a month ago.

Edit: Just uninstalled my nvidia drivers and the problem was gone, reinstalled and both monitors are affected once again.

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