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I wanted the opinion of this sub. You guys were great with helping me build my dream computer and now I have a monitor question.

I game a lot, nothing competitive. I play smite, overwatch, borderlands l4d2, witcher. And have been using a 15 year old 1080p tv this whole time, I love it.

I need a new monitor (possibly two). I am really leaning towards a 4k tv, again I don't take overwatch or smite seriously, and I do a lot of multi tasking and netflix and work stuff on my monitor and I love how nice 4k looks. I will budget around 800-1000 For this two monitor set up.

Would my budget be possible to do a 144 Hz monitor for my gaming monitor then do a 4k tv mounted above? Or should I just go for a nicer 4k tv for my main monitor?


R7 1700 oc 3.9 | gtx 1080 | ram 3200 corsair vengeance

Currently use a 15 year old 37 inch 1080p tv and the input lag nor refresh rate bother me, I would imagine any 4k tv would be better than what I currently use.

144hz monitor would probably lean towards 1080p 144 Hz. I honestly love the size of my gaming monitor being a 37 inch screen. So a 40 inch 4k would be fine, but didn't know who has experience actually gaming with a 4k screen.

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