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MSI B350 Gaming pro & Ryzen 5 1600 no post pc building site custom pc builder

Having trouble getting my first real (ive made upgrades before but first full) build to post.

I bought an MSI B350 gaming pro, Ryzen 5 1600, and 2 Corsair Vengeance LPX 8gb. I am also using a gigabyte gtx 1060 that im using from my previous pc.

The CPU fell perfectly in place when I installed it, no force required. All the fans spin up correctly. Im positive the psu is installed correctly on the board. Ive tried everything on toms "no post checklist" but the CPU debug light is still on. .

Ive read a lot of comments with similar problems saying the BIOS needs to be reflashed to a compatible version with ryzen 5. My board says MS-7A39 V1.0, so if there are boards that ship with an outdated BIOS im assuming that mine having V 1.0 would be that. However I did see a post on the MSI forums saying that the board should be compatible out of the box and not need a BIOS update.

Im just curious if there is something im missing before I call the shop back and try and exchange. If it is just the BIOS and they cant fix it, is there anything you can recommend that would be compatible with the ryzen 1600.

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