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Multi-monitor vs Large TV screen set up pc building site custom pc builder


I wanted opinions on the pros and cons of setting up multiple monitors (i.e. 4-equally sized 23" or larger screens) vs. a single 55" or larger screen. The reason I am debating this is because I use my set up for multiple purposes.

I work on network and system administration tasks, work on photos and videos, watch streaming services and local videos, and do some light gaming.

I currently work off of a cheap 1080P 42" screen most times and 2 cheap LCD screens at other times. I would love to sit further away from a large screen but I find the multiple monitors convenient when I need to open multiple windows and applications when working.

I am familiar with the differences between TV's and Monitors, TN and IPS panels, G-Sync and FreeSync, 1080 vs 1440 vs 2160 resolution, response times, OLED ghosting, full array vs edge backlighting issues, Chroma 4:4:4, HDMI 1.2/3/4, DisplayPort 1.2/3/4, DVI-I/D Single/Dual Link, pixel sizes, kitchen sinks ... I think I've done my homework on the tech anyway.

Has anyone researched this and come to a conclusion about what is good and bad about each set up? I'm afraid that even the smallest bezels sizes might not be enough to make it worth the trouble for seeing a movie or steaming TV content and this huge post is really for nothing.

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