lunes, 24 de julio de 2017

My first build won't boot! pc building site custom pc builder

This is my built:

When I press the power button, all the lights go on and the fans start spinning. After a second or so, everything powers down and then tries to start again. There are no beeps of any kind.

I double-checked the graphics card and CPU: to the best of my knowledge, they are installed correctly.

I suspect I missed a cable of some sort, here's how I wired stuff:

  • Sata-power-cable from power supply to hdd.
  • Sata data cable from hdd to motherboard.

  • really thick, blocky cable from power supply to motherboard.

  • various smaller cables from case to motherboard (power switch, LEDs etc.).

The graphics card doesn't seem to have needs its own power supply. I set in a MB-Socket labeled PCIE16, which is what seemed correct.

I already made sure that the motherboard rests on stands and no conductive parts touch the case.

Please help! It's really frustrating that the parts all came together so well and now it won't work.

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