domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

My first PC build! -- $850 pc building site custom pc builder

Here is a list of all of the computer parts I recently purchased [USA] (should be able to start building by Monday)!

I intend to use this computer for gaming. I mainly would like to enjoy LoL, Overwatch, and some other less-intensive steam games at 1080p 61Hz (might upgrade monitor later but it doesnt really matter for the games I'll be playing). I'm pretty sure this build will be able to do more, but that's not on my priority list. I only had to pay roughly $350 total for this build because I just sold my laptop for $500 (with WAY worse specs); so, I'd say I had a budget of "spend the least money possible for the best possible PC (for the games I want to play)." And I think I reasonably met that budget goal.

Since I'm a newbie builder, I would love to hear what this community thinks about my first build, along with any tips/recommendations for when I start building.

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