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My GIGABYTE Windforce OC GTX 1080 won't downclock at idle/at the desktop pc building site custom pc builder

Hey r/buildapc, I appreciate any tips/solutions you have to offer me. So I recently got a GTX 1080 off eBay for $430 (was in late May) and it has been truly glorious indeed. I just have one small problem - it won't downclock on the desktop or when I'm on Chrome/browsing Youtube, etc. MSi Afterburner says it's running at 1177 Mhz, and Speccy says it's at "Performance Level 4."

I have a 144 hz 1080p monitor and a 60hz 1680x1050 monitor (yeah I know its old af lol) hooked up to it. I know Nvidia GPUs used to have issues with not downlocking on 144hz monitors, but I thought they fixed it?

Here are my specs:

i5-3570k @ 4.3 ghz

16 GB 2133 Mhz RAM

GTX 1080

Windows 10

120 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD.

Thanks for all the replies in advance!!!

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