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My HDD is not detected by my BIOS and Windows 10. pc building site custom pc builder


I just finished my build (Gigabyte z170x gaming 7) and both the BIOS and Windows 10 cannot detect it (WD Blue 1 TB). What I've tried:

Looking for the HDD in the disk mgmt (nothing) Pulled all the wires out and connected them back together (to no avail) Switching the HDD with my other laptop's old HDD (still isn't detected but both HDD's are vibrating and getting warm)

I eventually used an external HDD adapter I had lying around to check if it's my HDD that has a problem. Turns out that the system recognizes it if it's connected to the external adapter. So my HDD shouldn't be the problem as far as I know. Any suggestions/recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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