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My monitor has only Displayport. My gpu has HDMI, DVI, and VGA. pc building site custom pc builder

I recently purchased my first pc since my "college laptop" six years ago. It's pre-built but pretty beefy(i7, 16 gigs of ram, but a pretty old gpu, I think it's a gtx 730), but at this point I have no interest in trying to game with it. My friend who is big into pc gaming had an extra monitor that he gave to me to use with my new computer, an AOC G2460PG. From what I can see this is a great monitor, but it only has a displayport input. And my pc only has HDMI, DVI, and VGA outputs. I see cords on amazon and whatnot but I also had seen that it may not be that simple, and I want to do this right. Can anyone help?

Edit: gpu is a 730 not 760

Edit 2: this is the exact tower I bought if you need information that I'm too illiterate to provide.

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