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Need help with powering new GPU pc building site custom pc builder

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MSI Gaming GTX 1080

Corsair CX430M

Thermaltake Core V1 Case

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Looking for help with connecting power to my new GPU listed above. It has one 6 pin connector and one 8 pin connector. Do I need to use both? If yes, I'm not sure what to do about my power supply. Currently I am using all but one 6 pin port on the power supply (including one 6+2 pin port going to the 8 pin on the GPU) and only have one cable left which only has 6 pin on one end. Do I need to buy a 6 pin to 6 pin power cable? I've looked online but struggled to find them. Or is this a sign that my PSU needs an upgrade? In which case, what should I be looking for to fit that case without breaking the bank?

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