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Need help with a silent build that must also be hackintosh compatible pc building site custom pc builder

Hi buildapc - I'm looking to replace my ageing apple hardware and I've been pretty fed up recently with apple's most recent offerings so I've decided to gone down the hackintosh route (although this post isn't particularly about that).

What I need help with is recommendations on a build that is quiet as possible. I do like to game but I'm not particularly concerned about running everything on Ultra with at least 60fps. I don't have a huge budget - perhaps around £700ish for the entire build (not including the price of Windows).

In terms of CPU it will have to be intel for it to be hackintosh compatible - I was probably going to go with the i5 7500. Can anyone recommend a passive CPU cooler or a very quiet air cooler? In terms of GPU I'm deciding between a passively cooled GTX 1050ti from Palit (the KalmX) or a mini GTX 1060 (since it looks like mining is dying down).

Obviously the GTX 1060 will give me better performance but I will be sacrificing some noise. Does anyone have experience with how loud a mini GTX 1060 can get?

I'm also looking at some fanless PSU options and if anyone has recommendations on that I would be very grateful.


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