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Need a taller than average quality chair pc building site custom pc builder

I just put together a new desk using a 3ft x 6ft butcher block counter top and I sat it on top of two 9cube organizer shelves that i thought was going to be great, however it's too tall to where my arms have to go up in order to sit, and it cuts off circulation to my hands. The shelves are 36 inches tall and the top is another inch and a half. My chair now measures about 20 to 22 inches to the top of the seat so I'm thinking I need to find something in the 26 to 28 range. Dxracer max height is 24 which is going to be too short still. There's no option of lowering the desk because i like how it sits and the shelves don't come apart to a point where they'd still be tall enough.

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