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Need to replace my old motherboard, have no idea what I should buy, except that I want it to be able to accomodate a GTX 1060 in the future? pc building site custom pc builder

Hi guys!

I should concede off the bad that I'm quite a numpty when it comes to PC-building. I've only ever put together one rig myself, and I can't say I really researched things all too well. My current PC is a hodepodge of parts, some getting on in years and the motherboard in particular has developed problems to the point that I figure she needs to be replaced.

The problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to shop for a motherboard or even what to look for. I want to make the right choice this time both in getting a mobo that'll work well and won't conk out like this one and yet will also be able to accommodate a GTX 1060.

I know it's pretty horrid to impose like this, but I was hoping to ask you guys what I need to learn/find out about to make an educated choice in choosing a mobo that'll work with a GTX1060, as well as some high-speed RAM. This is for a gaming rig, after all.

Apologies if I've missed any pertinent information like the exact specs of my current build, I can provide them if I do some rummaging about (the desktop's currently out of commission so I'll have to hit my email history to see what components I bought).

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