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New build won't power on. Suspect it might be front panel connection issue?? pc building site custom pc builder

Reference photos posted below

Just built this PC. It's my first build ever.

Motherboard is an ASUS B350 Plus. There is power running to the motherboard based on the Red LED's that turn on when it's plugged in. (Not pictured in reference pics)

But whenever I hit the button on the front of the case. Nothing happens. This is an old case. Everything on this build was new except the case which is from 2005. But last I remember it was working. My family has been using it for years. Only stopped using it last year and I recycled the case. So I don't suspect it's the case that's the issue.

I tried different configuration for the front panel connector based on the manual but maybe I'm just doing it wrong. Based on what you see, can you help me figure it out?

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