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New monitor help deciding on adaptive v-sync or G-sync. pc building site custom pc builder

Hi there, Looking to upgrade from my 24 inch monitor for gaming. I am aiming for 27 inch sticking with 1920 *1080 as I dont want to tax my system any more then I need to.

I currently have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980. Ive been looking into getting a g-sync monitor however being in Australia the cheapest I could find was $900 for 27 inch. I did find some cheaper ones that were 24 inch but I would like to go a little bigger in screen size.

During my search and understanding to what g-sync is I also saw adaptive v-sync explained which is new to me.

Looking for advice to either go with a monitor that only has free sync so I would be stuck with adaptive v-sync which to my knowledge I don't have any experience using. Or go all out on the $900 monitor if that would be worth it.

I think ive narrowed it down to either

for the cheaper adpative v-sync option


Thank you for any help.

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