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Noob Question - Is There Hope for my Optiplex 980 Desktop? pc building site custom pc builder

Compete noob here, so I appreciate any advice you can give. Long story short, the only game I play on my PC is Heroes of the Storm, and somehow I won a sweepstakes they were having that basically gave me every game in the Blizzard catalog + enough Blizzard balance to pre-order Destiny 2. Problem is, I'm pretty sure my current desktop couldn't handle any game except HoTS. Based on my current components, I think all I really need is a GPU and probably PSU upgrade, but have no real idea where to start. Can you all offer any advice on the cheapest upgrade I could make so my machine could handle Destiny 2 at the lowest settings? Is it even possible? My current setup:

Optiplex 980 DT Windows 10 64 bit 8gb ddr3 (2 x 4gb) ram Stock Dell 255w PSU Intel Core i7 860 / 2.80GHz vPro 512mb AMD Radeon HD4550

I was looking at maybe a GT 1030 and a new PSU -- would that work? I'll probably upgrade my entire setup within the next two years, which is why I'm looking to do this cheap. Thanks in advance and happy to provide any other info!

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