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PC freezing issue? pc building site custom pc builder

Hello, I have been searching for a solution to an issue with my PC and random freezing or crashing with no luck so I decided to try here. It might be a long post because I have to explain the ways that the freezes/crashes happen.

First, the freezes seem to be random to me. Whether I'm gaming, working on music, or even just browsing, the it still happens. Second, the monitors will either still be visible just frozen or they will show the "no signal" message. Third, the PC is still running as usual when it happens, no fans or anything stop. The keyboard and mouse stay lit up, though unresponsive (caps lock or anything else don't work). Fourth, I've had times where two things have happened that haven't happened again. The screen on one of my monitors showed colored lines (no freeze) and recently blue screened without an error (freeze).

The issues started after unplugging everything to rearrange my room (maybe a month and a half ago). Yesterday I got a new case and switched everything over making sure to check multiple times if every single thing was plugged in both externally and internally and the problem still persists. I've run my antivirus, malwarebytes, ccleaner, and chkdsk. I've updated graphics drivers and booted without anything connected with the same issue.

I literally had no issues out of the PC for over a year until now and I wasn't sure if it was a faulty usb drive or some connection issue, the graphics card, or a Windows 10 update. Hopefully someone can help.

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