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PC shot off while gaming, then restarted and sparked pc building site custom pc builder

Computer Specs:


Description of problem:

Was playing overwatch, PC crashed (immediate shutdown), then booted automatically and sparked inside the case. I looked down at the PC immediately and saw the spark in the upped section (above the GPU). I unplugged everything straight away and smelt that electronic smell? Don't really know how to describe it. Nothing look out of the norm except for on top of the GPU there was an area that was not covered in a thin veil of dust, imgur

When this issue began:


Recurring issue:


Under Warranty:


Cause/Steps to recreate the issue:

I do not want to try to recreate this.

What I've tried so far to resolve the issue

Swapped in a 750TI, have not had anything out of the ordinary in Firestrike or furmark

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