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Phanteks p400s case with Kraken x62 = hot case? pc building site custom pc builder

Hi there,

I will be upgrading to Ryzen 1600 and will be buying a new cooler. I'm looking to go for a Kraken x62 mostly for aesthetic reasons but I would also like a cool and fairly quiet PC with a modest overclock.

I have never used any kind of water cooling before to apologies if these seem like silly questions.

With my case the radiator will have to be placed at the front. With this being the case does that mean I'll have hot air from the radiator blowing into the case?

The case comes with 2 fans. One is currently at the back as an exhaust and one at the from as in intake. I could move the one at the front to the top of the case to be used as another exhaust?

The only other thing in the case really is an rx480 which I'm not planning to overclock but I don't want to melt it.

Is this viable? If not do you have any suggestions?

Thanks guys!

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