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Please help me choose a gaming laptop! pc building site custom pc builder

I am looking to buy a gaming laptop in the coming month. I will be using it to playing AAA games and less demanding games like League of Legends/DOTA/CS:GO. I will also be using it for CFD (Softwares like Ansys Fluent, ICEM CFD, CAD modeling softwares and other engineering softwares and tools for the Aerospace industry) I will be using the laptop for about 6-8 hours in and around the university and in the dorm. My budget is around $2300-$2500. I have researched a fair bit and narrowed down to 3 laptops now.

  1. Alienware AW17R4 The key here is the GTX 1080 with a QHD 120 hz monitor. Heard it has heating issues and thermal throttling though which is restricting me from buying it.
  2. Acer Predator 17 What interests me is the 4k display with G-SYNC and a GTX 1070.
  3. MSI GT73VR TITAN What interests me here is the 120 Hz monitor However it is only 1080p with 16 GB of RAM compared to the 32GB RAM available in the former two products.

I hope you guys here could provide some valuable insight that will help me decide buying a laptop. Also note that I am looking at a screen size of 17", a GTX 1070/1080, an i7 7th gen processor and about 32GB of RAM. Thanks in advance.

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