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Please, I need help! Bluescreens 24/7 pc building site custom pc builder


So, I've built this computer some months ago, and, seems like no IT can figure out whats going on here. All they do is reinstall the OS, and say it's good.

Componentes list: i7-7700k 1070 QuickSilver Ed. H100i v2 RM750x Z270 M5 8x2 TridentZ 3200Mhz

Every single time I game, I get bluescreens and temps go sky-high. 70ºC playing cs:go...

The imgur link has the IDLE temps, if that somehow helps.

tl;dr pc keeps on getting blue screens

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from /r/buildapc - Planning on building a computer but need some advice? This is the place to ask! https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/6nh0rt/please_i_need_help_bluescreens_247/
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