martes, 18 de julio de 2017

Possible to set up modern PC with CRT? pc building site custom pc builder

I'm looking into getting a PVM as a second monitor for the PC I built last year, since I'm a fan of retro games and I absolutely love how CRTs look. I've done some looking and it seems there are converters for VGA to S Video, but my GTX 1060 has no analog outputs. Would there be a way for me to get pure analog output from the computer to the monitor? Would I have to get a second graphics card for this, and if so does it have to be the one doing the rendering for any games I will have on said monitor? Are there any alternatives to this? I came here hoping someone has experience with CRTs and PCs, since I haven't actually owned one in quite a while and I've never had a PC hooked up to one.

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