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Power surge, diagnosing what's broke pc building site custom pc builder

Hey folks,

So lightning was going strong over the house just as I got home, heard a pop and low n behold the PC wasn't booting.

A led (sb_pwr) in the motherboard (Asus z170 pro gaming) was blinking red, which apparently meant there was an overcharge going on. I swapped out the psu and the red light was solid instead of blinking. Still no boot. I tried breadboarding it, replacing the cmos battery, connecting the power on pins with a paperclip, still won't even boot.

I'm assuming the mobo is fried, but what are the chances the CPU is also fried? I'm kinda worried about getting a new mobo and putting a fried CPU in.. Is there any way to check this or if anyone has more ideas for getting this thing to boot?

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