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Question about i5 7600k potential damage during shipment. First time builder. pc building site custom pc builder

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When I received my i5 7600k processor, there was a significant lack of packaging that allowed the processor box to move around freely during shipment. The box that the processor comes in also seems to expose the processor quite a bit.

While I am still waiting on more components, I was curious as to how potential damage to a processor would affect its performance. Is the operation of a processor all-or-nothing, or can damage caused by external impacts have a significant progressive effect on its performance? My main concern is that if the processor was damaged during shipment, could it negatively affect its operation to a noticeable degree, or would it just not work at all.

Sorry if this comes across as a novice question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any links to resources to help me understand the build integrity of processors or how to monitor their performance, I'd definitely be interested to see them. Thank you.

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