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Question about quiet pc case (fans) pc building site custom pc builder

Hey guys, im want to move my pc into my room, where i sleep. I use to have my pc ON through the nights cause i do a lot of afk stuff in games (crafting and so on). I have nzxt case, which has no anti-noise stuff inside. Fans are noctuas 120mm's. What i want is to have rly good noise isolated case with good airflow so i wont hear my pc in the night. Would be nice if you can send me some rly good case which u have or used to have and was very good noise isolated. Some help with the airflow would be nice if i have to buy more fans or something like that (where to put intake fans and outtake). Thanks for your help and opinions how to solve my problem, maybe some materials i can put into my nzxt and isolate noise would be nice too.

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