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Quick question on matching GPU/ MOBO brands... pc building site custom pc builder

(Sorry if this is a dumb question, first time builder here)

Does using the same brand MOBO/ GPU help at all? Installation simplicity? Higher performance due to construction similarities? Avoiding bugs/ other problems?

I just bought an Asus Rog Strix z270e gaming MOBO and I wanted to buy the Asus Rog Strix Geforce GTX 1080 ti OC to complement it.

Being the simple person that I am, I saw "Asus Rog Strix" twice and thought it might be advantageous to pair them. That and they both seemed well reviewed.

However, due to the cryptocurrency GPU apocalypse that I learned about a week ago (and has now become the biggest fear in my life), I can't seem to get the GPU anywhere for any sort of decent price. It went from $734 to $879 on Amazon in 24 hours.

Idiot question 1: Should I even bother with this imagined compatibility chasing?

Idiot question 2: If not, is there a better 1080 ti that I should buy?

Idiot question 3: What is a reasonable price for these things? All the other parts for my PC will arrive next week and I'd like to build it rather than sit around and wait for a GPU price drop. However, I also don't want to burn $100-$200 trying to compete with crypto farms for scarce GPUs.

Any and all guidance is really appreciated. This sub has been amazingly helpful. Never would have tried to build a PC without it.

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