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Re-positioning already mounted AIO. pc building site custom pc builder

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I ordered a PC build after my spesifications through a retailer who would assemble it as well, as I'd rather have them assemble it than attempt it myself, although they went and overlooked my requests for the AIO mounting, I wanted it placed in the front of the case, but instead they ended up with it top mounted. - It's not as simple as to just re-locate the radiator as the 'CPU hub' is mounted 90 degrees clockwise, with the two tubes coming out of the very bottom. At least I don't think that'd allow for a front radiator mount with the tube reach, if someone can confirm that it does, with it already mounted to the CPU in such a fashion, please, correct me. - But say if it doesn't, how do I best go about replacing it? Do I need to re-apply new termal paste, in that case which kind? Or do I just unscrew, rotate, screw it back in? Etc.?

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