lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

RX 580 8gb performance issues pc building site custom pc builder

Just popping in to see if anyone has experienced or heard of the RX 580 8gb (Nitro+) going on the fritz for them during gaming sessions.

I havent been able to figure out what is causing it, but here is typically how it goes:

Boot up PC, play one game for a bit with good performance, switch to another game or two, when I go back to the first, the frames are terrible and choppy, restart computer, performance is once again good and playable.

When the frames start to drop it is borderline unplayable. This is happening to many of the games I play. (PUBG, Rocket League, Paragon, to name a few)

Anyone got any troubleshooting suggestions? I feel like I shouldnt have to restart my PC after a 2 hour gaming session to mitigate GPU performance issues.

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