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Ryzen 5 compatibility issues with MSI motherboards pc building site custom pc builder

So I've posted this, ad nauseum, over the past few days but there is an issue going around with Ryzen 5 chips on MSI boards

I'm going to post links to my findings via edits, right now I am on mobile and it is difficult to do in the app

So there have been posts about failure to boot issues and the recurring theme is either the bios for that particular board isn't supporting the Ryzen 5 or (much more rare) is the board being doa, but that is a RMA situation. MSI boards will however support the Ryzen 7 so no worries 7 users.

A fix is to use a different compatible cpu to boot the motherboard and flash the most recent bios, many computer fix it shops will provide this service so it isn't the end of the world and you're not up the creek just yet

A work around I have been suggesting to people pre-build is to just buy a different quality mobo at the same price to prevent boot issues and the corresponding headaches

This is NOT brand shaming as I support MSI for Intel builds and any other build but the Ryzen 5

I haven't been in a position to contact to let them know and to test for themselves for the compatibility issue(s) nor do I have a Twitter to bring it to MSI's attention(looking up how to contact them now)

I'm personally under the impression it is simple out of date bios from the boards being shipped too long ago, as far as I am aware the most recent two bios are compatible with Ryzen 5

tl;dr if you have a Ryzen 5 and an MSI board and can't get it to boot, update your bios. If you are building a Ryzen 5 system get a Ryzen 7 or a different brand mobo instead

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