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Ryzen random freezes and weird temperatures pc building site custom pc builder

Hey guys so I just finished my recent ryzen build using:

  • ryzen 1700x (stock)
  • gskill rgb Ram (2133mhz)
  • asus strix x370-f (newest bios)
  • gtx 1080 (stock)
  • windows 10 on Samsung 960 evo
  • 850 evo ssd

Cpu and Gpu are watercooled by a custom loop (no leaks good flow)

My problem: pc randomly freezes/blackscreens especially when any load is applied. Furthermore Hwinfo and ryzen Master show strange cpu temperature at -12 C

What I have tried:

reinstalled windows 10 64 bit

changing ram speeds and timings

When Nvidia drivers are not installed pc doesn't automatically restarts after blackscreens

Thanks for any help

Will probably cross-post this to r/buildapc and r/watercooling and r/techsupport

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