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So I was planning to build a "budgeted on the GPU by a bit" sort of PC that can run newer games pc building site custom pc builder

I need some recommendations for a lil bit budgeted on the GPU sort of PCs

For the processor I was gonna go the level of an i7 or Ryzen (I need comparisons and self-experiences on this one and please state the type of i7/Ryzen since I heard there are Haswell processors and other processors in Intel and R3 R5 stuff on Ryzen)

16 gb RAM (Is this enough for the newly released games?)

Gtx 980ti (Is this enough for newer games like BF 1 on medium settings? Or is it better to go for Gtx 1070 or anything like that?)

The motherboard (I have no clue about motherboards)


To give you guys an insight, the games I'm planning to install on it are:

-Battlefield 1

-Dota 2

-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


-PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

-The upcoming Star Wars Battlefront this year (I think they're releasing a new one :v)

-7 Days to Die


-Garry's Mod

And concluding the list here, would the specs I have listed be enough to run the following games smoothly? And what are the prices you bought them at?

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