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So many problems/crashes/buggs with my PC pc building site custom pc builder

I have a Custom PC with a 3570k and an asus P8-b75-v and 8GBs of ram.

I used to have a semi-decent PSU, an HD 7750. one day my screen went crazy and i couldn't get any video. I found out that My HDD and Graphics card have both died. me suspecting the PSU Bought a new PSU (a 650w gold 80+ certified made for OC. it even came in a fancy bag xD, being modular is also super nice) and bought an r7 250x

fast forward to today I upgraded my Graphics card to an RX 480 (asus strix the 8GB OC version) and an xl2730z as a monitor.

After turning on my PC (restarting doesn't count. the fan lights and everything have to go off for example in the morning when I turn it on) I keep getting a Blue screen saying "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER". this doesn't appear again after a restart unless I turn off my PC again (fully).

Also sometimes when I'm working my PC just freezes completely and even the reset button doesn't work. I have to hold the power button so it shuts down. I also lose all my data :(.

My PC is also generally sooo buggy so many glitches and weird problems happen. apps going crazy and etc. (and no i don't have any viruses!) not sure if this is related are it's just how computers are! my phone is the same sadly so I assume it's just how electronics are supposed to be!

I've tried re-installing windows using DDU several times. non of those solutions worked!

Considering I need a bit of more CPU power too I was planning on buying a new ram/motherboard/CPU (ryzen 5 1600) combo but it's just toooo expensive! I have only 400$ in my bank account. a dual channel 3000mhz 16gb ram costs 225$ here :|

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